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SEO Definition

What is SEO?
In loose terms the SEO definition is this: To attempt to increase traffic to your website by creating or editing content, adding inbound links(and often by removing bad links) from other websites or any other tactics which may increase your rankings in search engines and thus increase actual visitors to your website, which would then also presumably increase your website sales or advertising revenue.

Where to start: 10 easy easy ways to begin promoting your business today

Maybe your business is new or you just haven't had the time to even think about where to start your small business promotion. Well now you have a bit of time (really it doesn't take much to do a little a day) and you're ready to dig your heals in and get started. But where, and how much? Well, that's up to you really. Having a big advertising budget is great! But many of us starting out are on a shoestring. This list is a little $ to no $ way to begin the promotion game for your business.

When does business promotion become spamming?

Easy! When you hire an over-seas company to post hundreds or thousands of links to your website! We have done our best here at bizsheet.com to block these folks. If you have made this mistake and fallen for the promise of "$39.95 for 10,000 quality inbound links!" and have Google Webmaster Tools hooked up, you may have found out that you have now been penalized. If you don't have Webmaster tools, you should get it set up now so you can have some idea of how Google is seeing your site.

Cheap hosting doesn't have to be bad hosting

Hosting has come a long way in the last few years. When I started in the web design business nearly 15 years ago it was almost impossible to get everything you wanted; low price, reliability, features (databases, email etc). I then found a local company a few years ago and was thrilled to have someone in my timezone who could help at a reasonable price. Fast forward a few years and guess what - the company has changed hands twice, has no customer service and just isn't the company I signed up with anymore.



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92832 Fullerton , California
United States
Phone: 714-680-0310
California US
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If you have a criminal record in California that is preventing you from getting where you want to go, then you have come to the right place. Our law firm has successfully expunged cases for more than 18 years and with a 95% success rate.

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business profiles

Business profiles have been around on the web for years. Recently, LinkedIn has seen huge growth and has become the FaceBook for business and employees looking to connect. In the first three years LinkedIn had already topped 10 million users with business profiles. Pretty incredible.