Finding a web design company

Find a Web Design Company in your city can be challenging. Not because there aren't any, but because the choices can be overwhelming. You're going to need to sort through the multitudes of web design companies.

A good way to do this is to apply some filters to your search.

So here is a way to begin your search.

1. Figure out what kind of website you want to build
- Will you be selling goods or services? If the answer is yes - then you are going to need a web design company that can build a an E commerce website. If the answer is no - then a simple brochure site will suffice, you might even be able to build it yourself using Weebly.

2. How big is the website and how many pages will be on it?
- How will the content be added? Will you add it page by page through an editor, do you want to bulk import it or is it being copied from an old site? Content can have a big impact on the cost, know what you want to have and how it will be added.

3. Will there be any user-generated content , login areas or paid content? Having user accounts with varied permissions for editing or creating content can also have a big impact on cost, effort and complexity of the site. You want to be sure you need this functionality before going through the time and expense of this kind of build.

4. Want versus need. Lots of organizations go into these projects with huge ideas about transforming their company with their website. The 'new website is going to attract thousands of new users', 'have an active forum with thousands of users exchanging ideas and building momentum for sales and growth'. Well planning for success and having success are two different things. Understand that an active website will attract users and sales, but that the growth requires a huge investment in time and resources. Installing a user forum on it's own without fostering growth on it, probably isn't going to have the success that a regularly updated website will.

5. Find the web design company on the web (I like to work with companies nearby, some are comfortable with working with folks from India). If you can find them easy, chances are they know how to get you found. Don't just search 'web design company' + your city. Try some variations, like web development and internet development and see who is constantly ranking.

6. Sort again - who has the nicest, easiest to use site? Try to separate flashy from dignified. You don't necessarily want all style - look for the substance too. How fast do they load? Are they local?

7. Look at the clients websites. Are they recent? Do they have testimonials? How do their search rankings perform?

8. Know what your budget is. Is it realistic? Do you have $4,000 or $40,000? Get quotes from at least 3 companies and compare them.

9. Make sure your website is responsive for browsing on mobile devices. This is no longer a 'nice to have', it is a requirement.

10. Ask for a clients contact to ask them about their experience. When you talk to them ask about the web design companies development process and their after care. What about updates and help? The more info you can get the better it is.

Well there are my 10 tips for looking for a web design company, I hope you find it useful.

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