How to Avoid a Company Data Breach

The media often reports on various data breaches taking place across the world. Unfortunately, many business owners make the mistake of thinking it would never happen to them, however, a data breach can happen to any company of any size and at any time.
If you fail to have the appropriate protections in place, there is no reason why your business cannot become a cyber criminal’s next victim. Read our helpful tips on how to avoid a company data breach.

Identify the Location of Sensitive Data
Shockingly, 62% of security experts do not know the location of their sensitive data. Unfortunately, this lack of knowledge can pose a serious threat to a company’s finances and reputation. You must identify the exact location of all sensitive data, while ensuring the appropriate security measures are taken. For instance, it is imperative to have a reliable backup strategy in place to continually protect the data.
Effective Employee Training
Human error is one of the leading causes of a data breach. This means your employees may pose the biggest threat to your company data. It is easy for a cybercriminal to gain access to your data following an employee’s mistake. For instance, they may have set a weak password or have clicked on a malicious malware link.

It is important to provide onsite security training that provides information on how to create a strong password. It should also detail how to avoid harmful malware and when to encrypt data. Ensure the security policy is updated with any industry changes, and provide refresher courses to ensure data breaches and cyber threats remain at the forefront of your employees’ minds.

Secure Third-Party Vendors
Many companies across the world are currently relying on third-party vendors to manage aspects of their business. For instance, some vendors may manage payroll or shipping services. Unfortunately, unsecured vendors can pose a risk to your company’s data and security. For this reason, it is essential to communicate with a third-party vendor regarding their on-site security regularly. What’s more, you could draw up a contract to ensure each vendor meets your organization’s minimum security requirements.

How to Recover Lost Data
It is believed that 60% of small businesses that experience a cyber attack are out of business within six months. All it takes is an employee to open a suspicious email and click on a harmful link for a cybercriminal to gain access to your infrastructure. Don’t leave your company vulnerable to a cyber attack. A failure to secure your data may not only lead to data loss, but it could come with a heavy price tag for your business.

Every business faces a risk of losing their data, which is why it is vital to implement an effective security strategy, such as a reliable backup service. Yet, it helps to have an expert on hand should the worst happen. For instance, you can hire a professional data recovery in New York to recover your lost files, or you can find one more local to your business. Either way, ensure you trust them, and that they can recover your lost data effectively.