Community as a Key Strength of Your Business

We’ve come a long way from the days of mass advertising and one-way communications. Thanks to the internet, social media and other advancements we have today, businesses and consumers – along with the general audience or communities behind them – can influence each other more than ever. It is now more important for businesses to connect with their core audience.

As a matter of fact, community is now quickly becoming a key strength of businesses. With the market being as competitive as it is today, being able to connect with a loyal group of consumers will give your business that competitive advantage you need to succeed. So, how can the communities you connect with help your business?

Source of Consumer Insights
Social media has changed the way businesses connect with their customers so much these past few years. Brands can now listen to what the customers are saying directly on social media platforms. They can respond to Tweets and Facebook posts, have meaningful conversations, and connect on a more personal level.

While these instruments are great for marketing purposes, they must be used for more than that. The World Wide Web – social media in particular – are filled with insights and information. A business can rely on their community of customers to get critical data about potential product improvements, marketing efforts and so much more.

Community on a Global Scale
One of the most successful brands who have used communities of users as their key strength is Xiaomi. You may have never heard of this producer of smartphone and smart home appliances, but the company has millions of loyal customers around the world.

Whenever a new product is released, users help spread the news almost immediately. They keep waiting for the next big thing and are more than happy to create a buzz around the latest products. Xiaomi maintains its community of users beautifully, too.

The company constantly listens to its users. Product improvements are made based on inputs from users. As community members see these changes being made, they get that sense of belonging – and a heightened sense of ownership – and love the brand even more. The compounding effect of this kind of a relationship is too good to miss.

Developing Your Own Community
There are different ways you can start connecting with your consumers – and the audience in general – on a more personal level. A lot of business owners are taking online counseling degrees from top universities such as Bradley University in order to sharpen their self-awareness and empathy; both of these skills learned via masters of counseling online degrees are crucial if you want to better understand the people around your brand.

Of course, there is also Audiense. Through this platform, you can get a unique perspective of your consumers and the audience or market segment you are targeting. We connect you not only with influencers, but also with loyal consumers and users that can bring more value to your brand. Once the lines of communication are in place, it would be so much easier to start having a deep relationship with the communities around your brand.