Cheap hosting doesn't have to be bad hosting

Hosting has come a long way in the last few years. When I started in the web design business nearly 15 years ago it was almost impossible to get everything you wanted; low price, reliability, features (databases, email etc). I then found a local company a few years ago and was thrilled to have someone in my timezone who could help at a reasonable price. Fast forward a few years and guess what - the company has changed hands twice, has no customer service and just isn't the company I signed up with anymore.

So local maybe doesn't always mean good. Ok.

There are a million Hosting companies out there, and they will all tell you how awesome they are. So you gotta look through the crap.

Right now I refer people with simple hosting needs to Blue Host.
Here's what you get for $5.99 a month
100GB of Storage (what the hell are you doing that needs 100gigs?)
100 email accounts
24 x 7 Support <<<<----- Super Important! You ever try and contact Floyd at Flynn Flon Super Awesome Hosting at 2am? Forget ti!
AND --- unlimited bandwidth!

This is the least expensive hosting plan they have! That is a lot of room and bandwidth for the buck! If you are looking for Wordpress Hosting they do that too! Drupal? Yup!! Business hosting plans too.