5 Google AdWords tips

AdWords has become increasingly complex over the years. But you can learn to do your own AdWords campaigns if you can commit a little time to learn. Monitoring becomes pretty easy once you have set it all up. Here are 5 easy things you can do to get you started in AdWords.

1. Be Organized

Create Ad Groups to organize your campaign.
For instance if you are doing ads for flowers, create a group for each type of flower you are targeting. Lets do Red Roses, Daffodils and Pansies.

2. Be Dynamic

Create multiple ads and add keywords specific to each category(type of flower) and further drill down by adding your location.
Example: Red Roses New York, bouquets of roses New York, Roses Bronx NY, Roses Delivered New York. Use as many configurations as you can think of - many won't perform well and you are hoping on hitting on a good set.

3. Be Local

Use the keywords and your targeted location in the Ad copy. For Example:
Order Red Roses Online
Get flowers delivered
anywhere in New York

Not very nice copy, but you get the idea.

4. Be Specific

Don't waste your money targeting generic keyword terms. Example: Flowers, Roses, Bouquets. You might get lots of clicks but chances are they won't be relevant and you'll eat up your AdWords budget fast. Be as specific as you can with out using too many words.

5. Be Frugal

Don't forget to set your budget - I would set a low daily max until you get a good sense of how it works. Watch your campaign for a couple of days and make adjustments as you go. You can view each ads performance and see which keywords triggered the ad by looking at Ads > Segment > Keyword / Placement

Look for good clicks on relevant terms and see if you can repeat success in other ads. AdWords is a tricky business, but with a little work you can have it making money for you! Good luck!