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submit website (how to SEO)

submit website to BizSheet.com

BizSheet is a great place to start promoting your website. But submit website (**See below) to many directories, business listing services, search engines and you may begin to really see traffic increase on you business website, or you may not.(see free business promotion for more info) on free promotion.

To submit website to Google is great business promotion, but it is not enough.

You need to do some research. What keywords are users searching for when they are looking for businesses like yours?

Google has a great keyword tool which is part of the AdWords set of tools which you need to sign up for anyway (there are often free AdWord incentives, so look around). It takes a little work to begin to understand how it all works and to build your first campaigns, but it is worth the effort. BizSheet also offers paid Google help if you need it, just send us a message and we'll give you a sense of the cost.

That's the first part. The second part is Google Webmaster Tools. Google Webmaster Tools ensures that your site is listing properly with Google and helps you understand how your site looks to Google and helps fix any problems with how you submit website to them.

In fact Webmaster Tools is probably the most important part - because if you are not listed in Google properly, you are sunk. Surprise! BizSheet also offers paid Google help with your site to ensure it is listed correctly, just send us a message and we'll give you a sense of the cost of that.

So in summing up, here are the three things you need to do today:

  1. submit website
  2. get Adwords going
  3. make sure you are listed properly on Google
  4. **Why am I speaking this way? With 'submit website' always in a singular context? Don't I know how to write? Why it's internet marketing! I have optimized this page to the search term "submit website" as an example of how to use the principles above. Find the keyword terms, and then develop useful content around it.