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business profiles

Business profiles have been around on the web for years. Recently, LinkedIn has seen huge growth and has become the FaceBook for business and employees looking to connect. In the first three years LinkedIn had already topped 10 million users with business profiles. Pretty incredible.

So how can small business benefit from creating business profiles on BizSheet for their business?

Well for one, the cost is right, $0. You just can't beat free advertising. Companies often pay thousands of dollars to SEO companies to promote their business profiles online. BizSheet uses the power of keywords, Google and link popularity to boost your presence on the web, and we do it for free.

How is it we provide business profiles for free? Well, like many of you we are a young company. We do not have the kind of start up capital that LinkedIn had. So our main goal for the first 12 months is to get as many business profiles up and running as we can. And like many successful companies before us - we plan to keep our eyes open and support our clients and let them take us where they want us to go.

So if you have any ideas or suggestions that you think would improve our business profiles, please, use our feedback form in the lower right corner of our website.

We've already taken some suggestions and used them on our site. Our latest addition was a field for keywords, this will build new links back to your business profiles and to your website via your keywords for your business and or services, which again, increases your keyword popularity which is the key to success for most search engines and directories.

I hope you'll take a few moments and add your business profiles on BizSheet.

Keep the great ideas coming,
thanks, Gerald.