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5 Tips All Professionals Should Know to Network Better

5 Tips All Professionals Should Know to Network Better

Networking is a scary and befuddling concept to the new professional. How do you connect with people purely for their business connections? How do you make contacts in your professional life without seeming like you are trying to hard? The secret to successful networking is to be honest, open, and genuine. People need to like you in order for you to network successfully. To help you get started, follow these five tips that all professionals should know if they want to network more successfully:

How to Avoid a Company Data Breach

The media often reports on various data breaches taking place across the world. Unfortunately, many business owners make the mistake of thinking it would never happen to them, however, a data breach can happen to any company of any size and at any time.
If you fail to have the appropriate protections in place, there is no reason why your business cannot become a cyber criminal’s next victim. Read our helpful tips on how to avoid a company data breach.

Community as a Key Strength of Your Business

We’ve come a long way from the days of mass advertising and one-way communications. Thanks to the internet, social media and other advancements we have today, businesses and consumers – along with the general audience or communities behind them – can influence each other more than ever. It is now more important for businesses to connect with their core audience.

Become a Better Business Owner in the Internet Era

The internet and the vast variety of tools available today have made it very easy for anyone to set up a business. You don’t have to worry about renting an office space or investing a lot in employees and other aspects of the business. Many of today’s most successful online businesses started life in the living room or the garage of their owners.

Understanding the Tax Challenges Faced by Your Business

Every type of business must deal with different sets of tax regulations and specific laws. This means businesses are facing different series of tax challenges on a regular basis. The fact that taxation laws are changing frequently – whether it is to keep up with the latest developments or due to changes in approach – doesn’t make processing tax returns any easier either.

Finding a web design company

Find a Web Design Company in your city can be challenging. Not because there aren't any, but because the choices can be overwhelming. You're going to need to sort through the multitudes of web design companies.

A good way to do this is to apply some filters to your search.

So here is a way to begin your search.

Web Hosting: A Beginners Guide

So you want to build a website(or have built one) and you need a web hosting account.

Where do you start? Well, what kind of website do you have? Is it dynamic (text is taken from a database) or a static site (HTML & CSS)?

If you're building a database driven website, say in Drupal or Wordpress then you are going to need very specific things in terms of requirements for your web hosting platform. Many hosts support Drupal and Wordpress and multiple types of databases, but do they do it well?

SEO Definition

What is SEO?
In loose terms the SEO definition is this: To attempt to increase traffic to your website by creating or editing content, adding inbound links(and often by removing bad links) from other websites or any other tactics which may increase your rankings in search engines and thus increase actual visitors to your website, which would then also presumably increase your website sales or advertising revenue.

Where to start: 10 easy easy ways to begin promoting your business today

Maybe your business is new or you just haven't had the time to even think about where to start your small business promotion. Well now you have a bit of time (really it doesn't take much to do a little a day) and you're ready to dig your heals in and get started. But where, and how much? Well, that's up to you really. Having a big advertising budget is great! But many of us starting out are on a shoestring. This list is a little $ to no $ way to begin the promotion game for your business.

top 5 picks for a DIY website

The web is a fast place. 10 years ago you really had to know what you were doing in order to make your own website. I taught myself Dreamweaver, Flash and HTML - and then made a crappy site. It was slow, not intuitive, gaudy and just generally bad. And! You had to buy the software to make it in the first place!

But now it's cheap, easy and fast! (You get to pick all three.)